Hydraulic submersible pumps ideal for applications where there are long distances, high static heads or high discharge pressure required.

Extremely versatile with a variable speed hydraulic drive enabling the pumps to be used for a range of duties.

This range includes flows up to 222 litres per second and heads to 134 metres.

HS50H Thumbnail

2″ (50mm) SELWOOD High Head hydraulic submersible pump. TECH DATA Max Flow: 7.5 L/Sec (27 m3/hr) Max Head: 40 Mtr (4 Bar) Max Solids: 3 mm…

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S3CHL Thumbnail

3″ High head hydraulic submersible pump. Compact in size this pump is ideal for tight applications requiring high performance. Ductile iron construction with a bronze impeller.…

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S3CML Thumbnail

3″ High performance hydraulic submersible pump. The S3CML is ideal for many applications due to its portability and high performance. Heat treated aluminium construction with options…

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S4THL Thumbnail

4″ Hydraulic submersible vortex flow pump. This extremely versatile pump can handle solids whilst providing high performance enabling it to be used in many applications. Aluminium…

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HS100H Thumbnail

4″ Selwood high head hydraulic submersible pump. TECH DATA Max Flow: 36 L/sec (130 m3/hr) Max Head: 69 Mtr (6.9 Bar) Max Solids: 10mm Weight: 54…

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S6150 Thumbnail

6″ High performance hydraulic submersible pump capable of pumping liquids containing solids up to 75mm (3″) diameter. Heavy Duty ductile iron construction with a hard faced…

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S6200 Thumbnail

8″ Hydra-Tech hydraulic submersible, solids handling pump. High performance pump ideal for demanding wastewater applications. Ductile iron construction. FEATURES High Efficiency two vane impeller Oil lubricated…

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S6250 Thumbnail

10″ High Performance hydraulic submersible pump capable of solids handling at high heads. Ideally suited to many applications including: Sewer Bypass Municipal pump stations Wastewater treatment…

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