Dewatering submersible pumps are often the preferred choice for dewatering of Mine & Quarry Pits, Construction sites, trenches and for transfer applications. As these are indispensable in prepping worksites and making them safer for Australia’s toughest and most vital sectors, Toolkwip Pumps offer a wide range of pumps from several dewatering pumps equipment manufacturers.

What are Dewatering Submersible Pumps?

Dewatering submersible pumps are submerged beneath the water line to remove or transfer groundwater, slurry, sludge or sewage. As their motors are hermetically-sealed for safety, they can be used in many demanding applications.

What are their benefits?

These types of pumps are very effective in removing or transferring water, viscous and material-laden and solid-laden liquids without blockages. Other benefits of dewatering submersible pumps include:

  • Self-priming – As they operate while submerged, they do not need to be primed and are not prone to cavitation.
  • More Efficient – Dewatering submersible pumps use the head pressure of liquid on its suction end to allow it to operate. This means it doesn’t require as much energy to draw liquid into the pump.
  • Less Noise – Due to its operation beneath the water or fluid line, this pump generates much less noise in most applications.

Choose from our Dewatering Submersible Pumps for Sale in Australia

From small 1″ outlet, single phase models through to very large 12″ outlet three phase models and with several options for materials of construction our range is vast. We can also recommend custom pumping solutions as needed. Click on the ranges below, call +61-3-8805-0500 or send us a message on our contact page.

FLO-KWIP 'AR' Series Thumbnail
FLO-KWIP 'AR' Series

FLO-KWIP ‘AR’ Series Submersible Dewatering pumps range in size from 2″ through to 10″ outlet sizes, with flows up to 20,500 liters per minute and heads…

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FLO-KWIP 'LC' Series Thumbnail
FLO-KWIP 'LC' Series

The FLO-KWIP ‘LC’ series Submersible Pumps are designed specifically for dewatering applications in the Rental, Construction & Drainage sectors. Robust, Abrasion Resistant, Lightweight and High Performance…

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SULZER Submersible Dewatering Pumps Thumbnail
SULZER Submersible Dewatering Pumps

SULZER Submersible Dewatering Pumps are stocked and distributed in Australia by Toolkwip Pumps. From 0.48kW through to 90kW and with outlet sizes from 2” (50mm) through…

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TSURUMI LH High Head Series Thumbnail
TSURUMI LH High Head Series

The TSURUMI LH series are high head electric dewatering submersible pumps that have been specifically designed and engineered for use in demanding applications, such as; Mining,…

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