As one of Australia’s trusted self-priming and auto-priming pump manufacturers, Toolkwip Pumps are your source of turnkey auto priming pumping solutions. We’re also distributors of international brands and provide customer service second to none.

Toolkwip Pumps are the Authorized Distributors for the Selwood Pumps range in Australia. Our range of SELWOOD Auto Priming Pumps utilise the world renowned pump ends and can be provided in open-skid, silenced canopy or pontoon mount. We also offer the drive options of diesel engine or electric motor drive.

Self-priming pumps and auto-prime pumps, are a type of centrifugal pumps, but are made with an external casing that primes an inner pump or volute by flooding it with the same liquid that must be pumped. This type of pump is recommended when pumping a large volume of water, industrial wastewater, and raw sewage. Self-priming pumps can provide the safest, most cost-effective pumping solution for larger liquid volumes.

Benefits of Self-Priming pumps

Apart from it being cost-effective, self-prime pumps like those made by Toolkwip are very safe to use. As they are mounted at ground level above the liquid to be pumped, no hoists or cranes are needed to lower and submerge this type of pump, affording safer and easier access. A Self-priming water pump or self-priming pump for other liquids, is easier to operate, set up, repair and maintain.

Choosing the Right Toolkwip Self-Priming Pump

First, choose the pump specially designed for pumping the specified liquid. Next, choose the pump with the appropriate head and flow size. The Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) for the liquid must then be calculated. You can choose the right Self-Priming pump that suits your application best from our range:

  • Dewatering Self-Priming Pumps – Ideally suited to moving large volumes of water at low to medium heads, this type of pump is extremely powerful yet completely portable. Their outlet sizes range from 3” to 8” and flows of up to 600 cubic metres per hour, at heads of up to 41 metres. Our Dewatering Self-Priming pumps are available mounted on skids, trailers and pontoons.
  • High Head Self-Priming Pumps – This is intended for dewatering mines and quarries where high heads and long pipe runs are used. Outlet sizes range from 3” to 12”, and can achieve heads of well over 200 metres. Our High Head pumps come in a wide range of build configurations and engine options to suit your application.
  • Solids Handling Pumps – These full-vortex style pumps can handle sewage, bentonite, polymer and many other liquids with solids or viscous materials. Perfect for heavy-duty applications, Toolkwip Solids Handling pumps have outlets ranging from 4” to 12”, and offers flows of 1,100 cubic metres per hour, with heads reaching up to 70 metres. These pumps come mounted on trailers, skids, pontoons, or super duty mining skids.

Get the Right Self-Priming Pump

Move water or solid-laden or viscous material-laden liquids from your construction site, quarrying or mining operation quickly and safely with Toolkwip’s Self-Priming pumps. We’re Self-Priming Pump manufacturers with years of experience; our products are built to give you the safety, dependability and the power you need.

To get the pump that fits your application, call +61-3-8805-0500 or send us a message on our contact page.

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