Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps have the capability to re-prime, after the initial prime without the need of a footvalve. As such they are ideally suited to transfer applications where a suction lift is required.

This style of pump is commonly used on dam, sump and in-ground tank applications in both Industry/Process and Mining applications.

Typically standard in cast-iron construction, but we also have other materials available such as Stainless-Steel, Bronze and Poly.

Available with close-coupled and long-coupled electric motor options as well as diesel engine driven.

The FLO-KWIP diesel-driven variants have proved to be very popular and reliable in quarry dewatering applications.

See FLO-KWIP and Calpeda ranges below.

Calpeda Self-Priming Pumps Thumbnail
Calpeda Self-Priming Pumps

Calpeda self-priming pumps are high quality Italian made pumps, specifically designed for Industrial applications were a suction lift is involved. With head capacities to 35 metres…

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FLO-KWIP Self-Priming Pumps Thumbnail
FLO-KWIP Self-Priming Pumps

The FLO-KWIP self-priming range of pumps are available as bareshaft pumps and can be built-up as a custom pumpset complete with Diesel engine and skid base,…

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