Toolkwip Pumps are the proud manufacturer of Australia’s favourite puddle water pump, the FLO-KWIP AL45 Puddle Sucker. This puddle pump is submersible and highly efficient, with features that are suitable for various applications.

In pursuit of providing best-fit solutions, we’ve added the SSL-35 to our range. It is now a favourite for electroplating plants and other industrial applications where tanks need to be completely drained.

FLO-KWIP AL45: A Leader in Submersible Puddle Pumps

The FLO-KWIP AL45 Puddle Sucker Pump has become widely known as the benchmark for submersible Puddle Sucker pumps. For durability and minimal maintenance, this pump features quality construction and finish, including an aluminium casing that is e-coated for low weight and effective cooling.

The FLO-KWIP AL45 puddle sucker pump has rubber wearplates and polyurethane impeller for outstanding abrasion resistance and has thermal protection on motors. With its performance, reliability and quality, the FLO-KWIP ‘AL45’ has become the pump of choice for many construction, rental and drainage companies.

Tsurumi LSC 1.4S: Residue Dewatering Pump

TSURUMI – Serious Dewatering Submersible Pumps!

Now stocked & distributed by Toolkwip Pumps….the dewatering specialists.

These new lightweight submersibles are a single phase residue dewatering pump, quality manufactured in Japan. Tsurumi is known as the world’s leading electro-submersible pump company, based in Kyoto, Japan, where they have the capacity to build up to one million units per year.

The Puddle Sucker is ideal for draining water from flat surfaces or removing flood water from areas like cellars, basements, car parks or man holes.

Tsurumi submersible pumps are built tough, reliable and hard working, from small puddle suckers through to the bigger, gruntier dewatering Tsurumi pumps.

FLO-KWIP SSL-35: Exceptional Draining Performance

The SSL-35 is a lightweight, low-level submersible pump made of stainless steel. Including its cable, the pump only weighs 4kg allowing for easier handling.

For long use, the pump has a stainless steel casing, and a waterproof protection level of IP68. The SSL-35 has a 10m cable and is designed to submerge to a depth of 5m.

With its pumping and submersion capacity, it can drain down tanks to ONLY 2mm. Coupled with our exceptional aftersales service, it’s easy to see how the FLO-KWIP range is the choice of Australian industries.

Choose FLO-KWIP, Pumping Solutions that are…Simply Better!

View our range today and contact us for quotations. We can even help you select the right puddle pump that suits your site. Just let us know where you will use the puddle pump and we will recommend the best pump from our range.

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Tsurumi LSC 1.4S

TSURUMI LSC Residue Dewatering Pump or ‘puddle sucker’ is a single phase dewatering pump which is standard with a 1” (250mm) outlet and is renowned for…

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AL45 Thumbnail

FLO-KWIP AL45 Puddle Sucker Pump – the puddle sucker pump of choice with leading Construction, Rental and Drainage companies! Why is it called the ‘Puddle Sucker’?…

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SSL-35 Thumbnail

Our FLO-KWIP SSL-35 Puddle Sucker Pump is particularly designed for draining tanks, vats, electroplating baths and bunded areas, etc in industrial applications. Stainless-steel pump casing Noryl…

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