The FLO-KWIP range of Water Carts are all manufactured with the highest quality components and are specifically designed and engineered for the arduous conditions found in the Construction, Mining & Quarry sectors.

What are Water Carts?

Water carts are specialised water-carrying vehicles. They are constructed of a slip-on tank sub frame and chassis mounted on a truck or a trailer-mounted unit hitched to the rear of a truck. Since the water cart needs to haul thousands of litres of water during transit, causing lateral movement, the frames and chassis are specifically designed to prevent damage to the tank and the truck during transportation.

Depending on its application, the water cart can have different attachments such as pumps, sprayers hose reels, fill points and outlets. Water carts or water trucks can be used for dust control in mining and quarry, road construction and delivery of potable water for drinking or irrigating farms.

What are their benefits?

Water carts are mainly used in demanding sectors like construction, quarries, mining and farming.

  • Durable – As water carts must haul large volumes of water over large distances and testing conditions, water carts are designed to be very sturdy and made with high-quality components.
  • Versatile – Water carts can be used in a variety of applications. When fitted with hoses, pressure pumps and spray nozzles, they can spray water for dust control or soil compaction for roads on mining, quarry or construction sites. They can also be used to carry drinkable water to remote sites and supply water for farm irrigation.
  • Efficient – Depending on their tank size, water carts can efficiently bring water to worksites where water is scarce and needed most. Large volumes of water ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 litres or more can be carted at one time, minimising trips from the water source to the worksite.

Choose from Toolkwip’s Water Carts for Sale in Australia

From 1000 litre trailer-mounted units through to 10,000 litre slip-on units, there is sure to be a model that suits your requirements. Our Polyethylene tanks are manufactured here in Australia, in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, as are the heavy duty trailers and skids. Our range of water carts for sale in Australia consists of the following products: DUST KING Water Cart trailers and slip-on units with Dust Suppression Spray washdown hose and WATER WARRIOR Washdown trailers and slip-on units with standard washdown hose as well as a high pressure blaster. A large range of water cart parts and components are carried in stock in our warehouse here in Australia.

FLO-KWIP DUST KING Dust Suppression Trailer

This unit is comprised of an Australian-made water tank and can be had in 1000L and 2000L models. The tank is mounted on a heavy-duty, fully-galvanised trailer with Landcruiser-type stud pattern wheels, all-terrain tyres and LED lighting. A high-pressure pump powered by a genuine Honda petrol engine is included in the unit. Click on the picture for full details or download the brochure below.


This is our new dust suppression unit that is still in its developmental stage. We will update information on our Water Warrior soon.

To buy a water cart that suits your applications, call us with your enquiries.

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Water Warrior

More Information Coming Soon!

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Dust King

  The FLO-KWIP Water Cart Trailer has been specifically designed to suit the demands of rugged Australian sites!  1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 litres water cart…

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