What are the advantages of a Hydraulic Submersible Pump?
  1. Being a Submersible Pump they are not affected by suction lift limitations, with the pump head being submerged in the fluid.
  2. No electrical hazard, compared to electric submersible pumps where both the cable and the electric motor are submerged in water
  3. Hydraulic Submersible Pumps are variable speed, with the speed being easily adjusted by altering the flow and pressure of the hydraulic supply
  4. The power unit can be situated in a place that is easily accessible for servicing, even if the pump head is in a spot that is difficult to reach such as in a deep pit or down a shaft
  5. The pump head is typically much lighter as they do not have the added weight of an electric motor, as with electric submersibles
  6. Hydraulic Submersible Pumps are very easy and cost-effective to maintain
What is a Peristaltic Dosing Pump?

Peristaltic Dosing Pumps are also known as roller pumps or hose pumps.  They are a positive displacement pump that uses a rotating cam or rollers to compress the hose, drawing and pushing the pumped fluid through the hose.

They are very advantageous for dosing of thick fluids and have no check-valves to block or jam, as opposed to diaphragm style dosing pumps which require the valves for priming.

How does a magnetic-drive centrifugal pump work?

A Magnetic-drive pump, is one where the power is transmitted from the Motor to the Pump by means of a magnetic field (Magnetic Coupling), from a Drive Magnet on the motor, through a sealed containment shell, to a Driven Impeller Magnet.

The operation is similar to any centrifugal pump, except that the need for the shaft or rotating seal is eliminated.

This makes it ideal for many chemical and general applications.


  • Low Maintenance: No need to replace mechanical seal.
  • Plant Safety.
  • Environmental / Waste Minimisation
  • Enhanced Operator Safety
  • Eliminates Leaks – No Rotating Shaft Seal: Removes potential leak path.
  • Chemical compatibility: Can offer no metallic contact with pumped fluid.
  • Range of wetted materials.
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