TSURUMI LSC Residue Dewatering Pump or ‘puddle sucker’ is a single phase dewatering pump which is standard with a 1” (250mm) outlet and is renowned for its’ quality.

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  • 0.48 kW, 240 Volt, single phase
  • Max. Flow: 160 l/min
  • Max. Head: 11 metres
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Cable Length: 5 metres

This reliable pump features a single phase 0.48kW, capacitor start electric motor and a 10 metre heavy duty submersible cable. A non-return valve stops any water from flowing back to the drained area unlike traditional centrifugal pumps. A resilient rubber base plate offers protection to the pump and stops the surface floor from being damaged.

The motor is manufactured with an inbuilt thermal motor protection device that reacts to the heat generated by an over current or dry run conditions.  This not only cuts off the motor circuit automatically, but also resets by itself.  That means that when the motor cools down to a safe operating temperature, the motor automatically restarts.

The Puddle Sucker uses a semi vortex design impeller that features a “high-gap structure” that makes it highly resistant to abrasion, and performance is largely unaffected by minor wear. The motor is protected by a dual inside mechanical seal, located in the oil chamber with two silicon carbide sealing faces.

An Oil Lifter, developed exclusively by Tsurumi, acts as a lubricating device for the mechanical seal.  Utilising the centrifugal force of the shaft seal, the Oil Lifter forcibly supplies lubricating oil to the upper seal faces, even at low lubricant levels.  This amazingly simple device ensures lubrication and cooling and extends the length of time between inspections and services substantially.

Another important Tsurumi feature is an anti-wicking block provided at the cable entry section of the motor chamber.  Even if the cable jacket becomes damaged this device prevents water from travelling into the motor chamber through capillary action.

For more information on this pump, view the data sheet below for specifications and technical data.

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