CHEM-PRO Metering Pumps are capable of high pressures and high volume outputs with a continuous duty cycle. These pumps use a powerful motor driven cam to give a smooth discharge stroke every time and thus eliminate any hammering and pressure spikes or risk of vapour lock as seen with solenoid style metering pumps. The electronic variable speed drive motor can be adjusted down to 1% of maximum whilst still maintaining full discharge pressure.

Variable speed, Smooth motor driven chemical feed
Output Feed Rates up to 153 L/Hr
Discharge pressures up to 12 bar
Single Layer PVDF Diaphragm
Large PVDF Double-Ball Check Valves
Priming and Degassing Valve built into the pump head
IP66 Washdown Rated Enclosure
LCD Display shows motor speed, input signal values, service and alarm status
Input Signals include 4-20mA, Pulse inputs, and Remote start/stop
Output Signals include Relay (3 amp), Open Collector, 4-20mA (optional)
Diaphragm Failure Detection (DFD) system
SCADA ready 5-30VDC Open Collector output loop closes while motor is energized
Profibus DPV1, Profinet RT I/O, Industrial Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP available

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Benefits of a Diaphragm Pump: ·  Capable of high pressures and high volume outputs. ·  Non-loss motion variable speed DC motor is powerful, quiet and energy-efficient   Capabilities:…

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The CHEMPRO C2 Diaphragm type Digital Dosing pump is the smallest of the Chempro family, with the following features: Benefits of a Diaphragm Pump: ·  Capable of…

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No loss of prime with gaseous chemicals like Peracetic Acid or Sodium Hypochlorite Continuous flow for pulsation-free chemical feed Large turndown ration to provide superior accuracy…

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