The FLOJET Quad Series pump range are developed to deliver higher flows up to 5 GPM (18.92 LPM) using a four-piston design with excellent self-priming capability. Designed with a built-in pressure switch, the pump automatically starts and stops instantaneously when the discharge valve open and closes. Installation is made easy by the compact design and plug-in port fittings.

  • Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 54°C
  • No metal contact with liquid being pumped
  • Ball bearing drive throughout pump and motor assures longer pump life
  • Excellent self-priming capability so pump may be located above liquid level
  • Powerful, permanent magnet motor with low current draw and long life brushes
4300-142 Thumbnail

P/S/E, 1/2″ quad, 9 amps. No Bypass. Suits potable water

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4300-143 Thumbnail

Popular High Flow model. P/S/E, 1/2″ or 3/4″ quad, 13 amps. No Bypass. Suits potable water

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4300-504 Thumbnail

P/S/V, 3/4″ HB, quad, 13 amps. Intermittent Duty at 30psi, continuous at 15psi. No Bypass. Suits most agricultural chemicals – weedicides etc.

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4300-506 Thumbnail

P/Geolast/Buna, 3/4″ HB quad, 13 amps. No Bypass. Suits diesel transfer

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4300-561 Thumbnail

P/S/V, 3/4″ HB quad, 13 amps. C/w fan cooled motor. Intermittent duty at 30psi, continuous at 15psi. Must use 15 amp fuse or breaker with this…

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4100-143 Thumbnail

P/S/E, 3/4″ HB quad, 10amps. C/w water fan-cooled motor (TEFC). No Pressure Switch or Bypass. Water, many agricultural chemicals, recirculation

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4100-505 Thumbnail

P/S/V, 1/2″ quad, 10 amps. C/w water longer motor for extra cooling (instead of fan-cooled). No Pressure Switch or Bypass. Suits most agriculture spray chemicals

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