Why You Need a Selwood Pump for Your Business

If your site requires a durable, high-quality auto-prime pump for dewatering, bypass pumping, bentonite, sewer or water cart filling, you will do well in investing in a Selwood pump. These pump sets are known for being user-friendly, low maintenance and are also available in a fully enclosed ‘super silent’ canopy. Read more to find out why you could benefit from a Selwood pump for your site or project.

Why Choose Selwood?

BUILD QUALITY – Selwood pump ends are manufactured in the UK to the highest of quality standards. Being a rental company, Selwood designed and built their range of pumps to handle the harshest of applications and the rigours of the rental sector.

AUTO-PRIMING – the Selwood ‘H’, ‘D’ and ‘S’ ranges are all fitted with the world-renowned SELPRIME Diaphragm type priming system, providing strong, fast priming from dry. This priming system is easy to maintain and does not expel any oil mist, unlike rotary vane and compressor prime systems making it the environmentally friendly option.

DRY-RUNNING CAPABILITY – The Selwood pump design incorporates a mechanical seal immersed in an oil bath, allowing it to run dry for extended periods.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – With the option of fully enclosed, lockable canopies the Selwood pump sets are not only ‘Super Silent’ but also fully bunded and have a priming system that does not expel any oil mist.

Types of Selwood Pumps Available

Following are the types of Selwood pumps included in our product portfolio:

Solids Handling ‘S’ Pumps – These pumps are capable of pumping the following:

Raw and screened sewage
Sludge or slurry
Water with fine and large solids
Water containing rags and fibres
High Volume Drainer ‘D’ Pumps – ‘D’ pumps facilitate high volume fluid transfer and can handle flows up to 600m3/h. They offer emission compliant engines and have proven efficiency in construction and civil engineering. They are ideal for use with:

Clean water, with fine or larger solids
Screened sewage
High Head ‘H’ Pumps – ‘H’ pumps are highly efficient for high head, high-pressure dewatering. They are best used for:

Dewatering, where there is a high static head or over long distances
Pipeline testing and cleaning
Water boosting
Durability and Longevity

Selwood pumps are built to last. This was proven when Sanepar, a Brazilian wastewater company, put an ‘S’ pump to the test.

Sanepar is responsible for all waste treatment in Brazil. Because this industry is constrained by environmental regulation, Sanepar only wanted the best in solutions and equipment. Sanepar partnered with Aquamec, a leading wastewater and environmental solutions specialist, to carry out this task. Both companies were in agreement that a high-performing solid handling pump was required. Sanepar recommended that a performance trial be conducted before purchasing a pump.

A seventeen-year-old Seltorque S150 pump was selected for the pump flow test. The Selwood pump met its advertised specifications: a total head of 27m, maximum solids size of 100 mm and a maximum pump speed of 1,800 rpm.

The success of this test proves that Selwood pumps are tough, durable and enduring. It is a viable addition to your business.

Toolkwip Pumps are a leading distributor of Selwood pumps in Australia

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