Toolkwip Pumps are the sole authorised distributor of the market-leading Selwood Pumps in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. We carry the complete range of the renowned British brand and have a stock of pumps and parts held in our Melbourne warehouse. Whether you require auto-prime pumps, mechanical diaphragm pumps or hydraulic submersibles, we have a wide selection to choose from.

Toolkwip Pumps also provide support of onsite service and in-house re-build capabilities for your aftersales requirements. With Toolkwip Pumps, you enjoy the quality and performance of Selwood Pumps, plus the excellent local support of our professional team

Selwood: Unrivalled Expertise and Commitment to Quality

Selwood Pumps are a pump manufacturer based in the UK who has been manufacturing high quality auto prime pumps for some 70 years. As a worldwide leader, 75% of Selwood’s units are exported through a global distributor network.

Selwood’s pumps are renowned for their user-friendly, low maintenance and trouble free system providing reliable pumping in the Mining, Quarry, Civil Construction, Pipeline and Sewer Bypass sectors. Across the globe, Selwood is known for setting the benchmark in the environmental, mining, water and construction industries. Selwood’s pumps are also known for being performance-engineered, cost-efficient and “super silent”.

Performance Engineered

When it comes to product design, Selwood pumps are often imitated but never surpassed. These pumps self-prime automatically from dry, have a water-tolerant diaphragm air pump and have no oil vapour emissions, making them an environmentally-friendly solution. Our models can be made with stainless steel interiors that are durable and highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Some pumps can be heat-treated to make them more robust, which are suitable for tough environments such as mines or quarries.

Always Cost-Efficient

Being low-maintenance, Selwood pumps have a low likelihood of malfunctioning and can be repaired onsite. Designed for durability and reliability, they cost less over their life cycle. It is also easy to find spare parts for various models. The pumps’ close-coupled design ensures easy repair and maintenance with reduced vibration, noise and extended coupling life. We also have a large stock of spare parts for our Selwood pumps.

Super Silent

We bring to Australia some of the quietest pumps in the market today. We offer Selwood’ super silent canopies, which significantly reduce noise for the comfort and safety of workers, as well as the public in projects near urban and residential areas. Our Super Silent canopies feature world-leading sound attenuation on both diesel and electric motors. They are engineered to a high technical standard with silencers and protective enclosures that are designed to reduce operating noise.

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Selwood Pumps have been distributed in Australia by Toolkwip Pumps for over 14 years, earning the reputation for ‘Great Pumps, with excellent service!’

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Hydraulic Submersibles
Our range of Selwood pumps for sale are made for various heavy industry applications. Supported by decades of research and development, the pumps offer quality, longevity and reliability. The pumps from our range includes solids handling, high-volume handling, hydraulic submersible pumps and more. Call us for assistance in selecting the right pump for your industry.

Auto Prime Pumps

To view more of the Selwood range, visit the following pages:

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