The Role of Self-Priming Pumps in Heavy Applications

Priming standard centrifugal pumps can be costly and cumbersome. They incur initial costs, prolong operations and require frequent maintenance. Since many centrifugal pumps require priming before they can be operated, time, energy and money will be spent on a process that would have otherwise been unnecessary. In order to eliminate the priming process, you can look into investing in a self-priming pump.

What is a self-priming pump?

A self-priming pump is a kind of pump that, when air-bound, frees itself of vapour. Once it gets rid of the air, the machine resumes pumping without assistance or a full tank of liquid. After air is eliminated, the pump will continue to move water like any standard centrifugal pump.

Compared to end-suction pumps, self-priming pumps have the ability to perform a suction lift and re-prime without the need for a footvalve. They can also handle a wide range of fluids and perform excellently with slurries, corrosive materials and solids of up to 3 inches.

How do self-priming pumps work?

Self-priming pumps transfer vapour from one side of the pump and into another to create a vacuum. This vacuum is the atmospheric pressure that pushes the liquid into the pump.

Priming the pump is a simple procedure – even beginners can do it. The process is as follows:

  • Self-priming pumps have notches found at the top. The first step involves opening the notch and filling the priming chamber with liquid.
  • Close the cover and secure it.
  • Run the pump.
  • Once the pump is running, the impeller gathers a mixture of liquid and air from the suction side of the impeller and sends it into the discharge chamber.
  • The air is then removed and vented through the discharge chamber. Afterwards, the liquid returns to the impeller.
  • The priming liquid in the impeller draws in more air from the suction line.
  • The cycle repeats until all air is eliminated from the suction line and replaced by the liquid to be pumped. This phase is when the pump is ‘primed’.

Which applications are suited to self-priming pumps?

Self-priming pumps are made for heavy-duty requirements. At Toolkwip Pumps, we supply a variety of FLO-KWIP and Selwood pumps that are designed for challenging environments and applications. Commonly used for mining, quarry and construction sectors in Australia, self-priming pumps are the ideal partner in reliable and efficient pumping needs for smoother, safer operations.

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Toolkwip Pumps is one of the most dependable self-priming pump manufacturers in Australia. Enhance your operations and purchase a self-priming pump for your business. Get in touch with us today

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