55 Series & Ultima Ultra Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pumps

For the very highest standards of sterile containment cleaning in-place (CIP) and steam sterilising (SIP).

Fully self-draining pump head: no hold-up of process liquid or cleaning agents. Rapid de-contamination and product change-over
External rotor fixing – no internal crevices. Low-carbon 316L stainless-steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Controlled compression resistance. Controlled-compression gasket-type joints and no O-rings in product contact. Shaft seal design combines highest levels of containment with total product draining, no cavities, and front access for easy inspection and fast maintenance

  • Biotechnology Sterile pharmaceuticals
  • Ultra-hygienic food processing
  • Separation equipment
  • Aseptic manufacturing
  • Multi-product facilities
  • Sanitary/hygienic production
  • Sampling


Flow rates up to 44m³/hr (12L/sec)
Pressures up to 290 psi
Temperature range: -30°C to 140°C
Liquid viscosity range: 1 to 1,000,000 centipoise
Ports: 13mm to 100mm

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