Our Cutter & Shredder hydraulic submersibles pumps are built for demanding applications where the liquid contains solids in suspension that needs maceration to be able to be pumped.

Safer than electric submersibles as no power cables / electricity required to run them.

Sizes: 3″, 4″ & 6″ (75mm, 100mm & 150mm)
Max Flow: 83 L/Sec (300m3/hr)
Max Head: 50 Mtr (5 Bar)

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SELWOOD’s 4″ chopper hydraulic submersible pump. Cast iron construction. TECH DATA Max Flow: 40 L/Sec (146 m3/hr) Max Head: 26 Mtr (260 kPa) Max Solids: 50…

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3″ Hydraulic powered submersible pump, designed for cutting and shearing solids. Ideal for wastewater applications. Ductile iron construction with tungsten carbide shredder blade and a hardened…

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4″ Shredding hydraulic submersible pump. Capable of continuously ripping and shearing products whilst pumping, ideal for wastewater applications. Ductile iron construction with an open vane impeller…

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6″ Hydra-Tech hydraulic submersible shredder pump. Designed to continuously rip and shred solids whilst pumping. This powerful high performance model is ideal for Commercial, Industrial and…

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