The KTZ series are three-phase, cast iron, high head dewatering pumps. The cast iron body and high-chromium cast iron impellers of the KTZ-series enable the pumps to withstand tough conditions in construction and mining applications. Each model in the KTZ-series is capable of being converted between a high head or high-volume performance by changing its impeller, hose coupling and suction cover.

Efficient Pump Design

With a slim design, the pump can be placed in almost any confined space. Additionally, the pump’s top discharge, side flow design ensures the motor is cooled efficiently even if it’s operating with its motor exposed to air. Its discharge direction is available in two configurations – vertical and inclined, which prevent the discharge hose from bending or folding during operation.

Reliable Mechanical Seals

KTZ-series dewatering pumps have two silicon carbide mechanical seals that are located in the oil chamber to protect the seals from corrosion and abrasion. The seals are enclosed in Tsurumi’s Oil Lifter to make sure it is cooled and lubricated easily. The design of the seals exceed the standard configuration of other dewatering pumps and offers a longer mechanical seal life.

Used in High-Pressure Applications

The pumps with a 7.5 to 15-kilowatt motor feature seal pressure relief ports. These ports effectively eliminate the premature wear and failure of mechanical seals in high-pressure applications. The mechanical seal’s resistance to high pressure mean the pumps can be installed to a maximum submersion depth of 50m.

Other Features

  • Discharge port 50-150mm
  • Top discharge … Slimline design means pump can fit into narrow locations.
  • Semi open type impeller (Hi chrome iron)
  • Three phase, 2 pole motors from 1.5 to 11kW
  • Side flow design to cool motor
  • Simple to disassemble
  • Multi-directional discharge port
  • Now with host tail connectors, BSP thread options


  • Mine dewatering
  • General dewatering
  • Recycling water in concrete batch plants
  • Draining wells
  • Draining basements or pits
  • Stormwater dewatering
  • Water harvesting
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