The FLO KING four-in-one filter system is renowned the world over for it’s unique design and versatility.

4-in-1…what does this mean? This is what sets the FLO KING system apart from the rest, it PUMPS, FILTERS, AGITATES & TREATS!

Features & Benefits
  • Cost Savings – in energy, labour, capital & maintenance
  • Versatile, portable & affordable
  • Eliminates leaks & spills from hoses & seals
  • Provides up to 35,000 litres per hour of filtered solution
  • Quickly & cleanly carbon treats organic contaminants using easy to attach accessories
  • Produces agressive, directable solution agitation
  • Available with a unique reusable filter media
  • Simple to operate! Very fast cartridge change
  • Skimmer accessory available
  • Electroless plating
  • Electroplating
  • Printed Circuit Anodising
  • Pre-treatment formulations
  • Post-treatment formulations

Our Managing Director has used the FLO KING system at his own electroplating plant for many years and knows them inside-out! So call our office now and book a time to speak to him. Ask for his invaluable advice on how the FLO KING system can improve your Surface Finishing line and how it can lead to greater efficiency and profitability.

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