Complete range of custom engineered hose assemblies with capability to manufacture hoses up to 20 metres in length and nominal bore size to 770mm.


Many rubber compounds are available depending on the material the hose is designed to transport and the operating temperature. They are available in a range of durable natural and synthetic compositions and chemical and heat resistant polymers.


The reinforcement determines strength of the hose. It enables the hose to withstand pressure and external forces. The reinforcement depends on the eventual service conditions of the hose and is available in various materials including synthetic yarns, steel cords or a combination of both.


The hose cover protects the inner tube from wear and external damage. The cover is a rubber compound selected to suit the working environment of the hose.


Hose ends are a critical component of the hose to ensure optimum performance and durability. The ends are assembled with the steel insert built into the carcass of the hose with no exposure of the metal surfaces to the media being transferred. The ends are internally wire wipped delivering arguably the strongest and most durable method available. The flanges can either be fixed as part of the stub built in or floating to enable swivel movement which assists in the alignment of the flanges.

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