VeraFlex™ Wine Transfer Pump Cart System

  • Wireless remote control
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Reversible flow
  • Gentle pumping action
  • Self Priming
  • Hygienic pump
  • Washdown Motor
  • Flows up to 228L/min
  • Stainless Steel Trolley

The new Jabsco VeraFlex™ Flexible Impeller Cart System is a complete, cost effective solution, offering up to 228LPM, whilst incorporating gentle pumping action to carefully handle thin, viscous, and particle laden fluids.

The trolley mounted pump with electronic variable speed drive adjusts the speed of the electric motor by regulating the power being delivered. This provides continuous flow control and matching motor speed to the specific demands of the work being performed.

Variable Frequency Drives are an excellent option for adjustable speed drive users. They allow the operator to fine-tune processes while reducing costs of energy and equipment maintenance.

  • Filling and emptying
  • Sampling and filtration
  • Ingredients unloading
  • Fluid transfer
  • Tank portion and container filling
  • Forward & Reverse operation
  • Increase or Decrease Flow
  • Red LED fault detection light
  • Operates the Variable Frequency Drive
  • Water-resistant design with rugged rubberized holder

Designed for use in the Food, Dairy, Beverage and Industrial markets.

Pump Type: Close Coupled, 3A
Body: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Impeller: Sanitary Neoprene
Shaft Seal: Mechanical; Carbon-on-Ceramic
Ports: 2″ Tri-clamp type
Shaft: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Motor: 50hz/3hp/112 IEC Frame, Washdown
Variable Frequency: 230VAC / 1 Phase input / 50/60hz
Wireless Remote: Operates on standard 9VDC battery
Toolkwip Pump Brochure

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