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The SELWOOD S150 6″ Auto-prime, solids handling pump is renowned worldwide as the market leader in sewer bypass pumping and for the transfer of bentonite and drilling polymer.

It’s ability to pass 4″ (100mm) diameter solids and handle viscous liquids with ease, sets it apart from other pumpsets.  The Selwood S150 acheives this using a vortex style pump end, with a recessed impeller.  Not only does this allow the pump to handle large solids, but it also greatly decreases the impeller wear compared to other pump styles.

The Selwood S150, also known as the Seltorque 150 is fitted with the Selprime diaphragm-type priming system which provides fast strong self priming from dry, at a rate of 50cfm.

These units are also commonly known in Australia as the FLO-KWIP S150, but are now marketed under the Selwood brand.

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Inlet/Outlet: 6″ (150mm)
Max. Flow: 320m3/hr (88.9l/sec)
Max. Head: 21.3 metres
Air Handling Capacity: 50cfm (24l/sec)
Solids Handling Capacity: 100mm diameter
Max. Suction Lift: 8.8 metres

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